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If you’re looking for intuitive insight about issues relating to your life — relationships, health, career/business/life goals, family, co-workers, pets, etc., — you’re in the right place!

If you’re seeking a fresh perspective about a matter near and dear to you, or to someone important to you, that’s a great thing!

If you’d  like help working through a rough patch in life — an emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually trying time,  I ‘d love to provide insight and perhaps even guide you through layers of unpleasantness to a place of greater clarity, calm, and peace.

If you believe that the Spirit of our loved ones continues beyond this physical reality we call life, and you’d like to connect with particular departed loved ones, I am happy to serve as a bridge and communicate between you and those people and pets who you are missing.

If you simply wish to live more relaxed, centered  and aware in your day to day life, I am happy to share easy, mindful ways that work for me.

If you are having a heart-connection to any of the above statements, Bright Life Consulting will be helpful to you!

My mission is to provide you with useful insight and practical guidance in a safe and loving way. To what end?  So you can address what’s causing uneasy feelings, gain insight, release what is ready to go, and move through your daily life with more confidence, inner strength, ease and joy.  

Sessions always begin with deep breaths, followed by addressing your  questions and concerns about the areas of your life in which you feel pressure or uneasiness –where there’s a kink in the chain. These could be thoughts, feelings and / or concerns  that you haven’t been able to explore, move past, or release.

As a spiritual & holistic intuitive consultant, I share insights as I receive them — in knowings, pictures, feelings and words. I share questions that arise for you too. By speaking, sharing, and clearing together, we move through your most pertinent life concerns. Sessions allow you to feel not only better, but more empowered, and more connected to your own soul and  to your loved ones.

 “Can you tell me the benefits?”

 I’m glad you’ve asked!

  •  Feeling better… healthier… happier…more balanced and on track with life 

  • A safe space where you can say exactly what you’ve been thinking & feeling

  • Opportunity to peel layers of unproductive feelings-fear, worry, sadness, grief, etc. on the spot

  • Valuable insight about your life, business, career, relationships and health. Tips on how you can be more mindful and bring down the stress level

  • An increased sense of connection and closure with loved ones here and in Spirit

  • Greater confidence, inner peace, and empowerment

  • Forward movement toward achieving personal and professional goals

  •  Greater physical comfort, less pain                               

Based in the beautiful Flint Hills of Manhattan, KS (known as The Little Apple), I meet with you at my home office, at your nearby home, or ANYWHERE by PHONE or Messenger.

           GO to Contact or TEXT MESSAGE/CALL 785 – 341 – 9072 

Professional Consulting Fees:  15 min $50       Half-hour $85       Hour $150 

(1/2 hr. minimum in-person)

Are you interested in presentations or workshops on ways to reduce stress and increase mindfulness…become more centered and grounded…more mentally, emotionally, spiritually empowered?  Check out my current UFM classes or contact me directly. I am happy to create a presentation or series of workshops that meet your group’s needs.

Would you like an intuitive consultation for your business? This is a great way to see if you or your company/agency is on task, and to glean helpful insight and suggestions for improving overall enjoyment and productivity.

 Do you have a topic in mind for your organization that you’d like me to address? Just ask! I am but a text, phone call or message away.

*Intuitive Consulting is also available for your beloved pets/animals!  See brightlifepetconsulting.com for more, or simply call//text 785-341-9072.

With love & light,                                                                                                                        Palma




Services & Bookings

Services fall into these categories: Spiritual Intuitive Guidance: Asking Questions & Receiving Insight Using Guided Imagery to Move through Stuckness Peeling Layers of Unproductive grief, anger, sadness, anxiety, pain, etc. Connecting with your Inner Strength, Wisdom, & Peace! Love & Light Healing Energy: Setting a Healing Intention Receiving Gentle, Healing Chi (Energy)  Clearing Energy Centers …

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