Aug 22

Healing is Both Practical and Spiritual

I spent time with a friend & her mom this week at their swimming pool in town. Her mom was sharing concern over a slightly swollen section of her index finger, stating, “I can’t believe this bump is still here. It’s been three weeks. I think I may have been stung by something that left a stinger behind. It’s time for this to be better.” 

I took this as “divine” timing, having waited for the right and perfect opportunity to reciprocate for this woman’s generosity toward me earlier in the year (She had offered me and another of her daughter’s friends a clothing “shopping spree” at her home before moving. I came away with two beautiful summer dresses and various pairs of slacks/capris.) Casually, I asked if she’d like some healing energy, to which she agreed. As I sent her healing love & light from above, through my hands, that bump began transforming. Something seemed to rise upward; a round, raised ,red section appeared. I kept at it, eyes popping in disbelief momentarily. Her eyes were fixed on her finger too; her gaze determined, trusting.

A smaller, whitish area appeared above the red. She pulled her hand aside about ten minutes after we began. Knowing my part was completed, I  floated away to the north side of the pool,  It took her perhaps another minute to remove a tiny dark splinter, or stinger (who knows for sure!) from her finger. We smiled, and thanked one another.

How often do we stay in doubt about our capacity to heal ourselves and each other?  Just as I believe a mother  heals her child’s banged knee with a kiss, I believe we each have this capacity to heal, to tap into healing energy, and use it for good. I believe it’s part of what Jesus was here to teach us–“I AM the Way, the Truth, the Life.”  Yes, healing is of Spirit, and as that, it’s often mysterious and mystical. Yet it can be simple, practical, as we too are of Spirit.

Healing is often instantaneous, although it may take time until we see healing manifest in some way we can recognize it as having taken place. Often, we don’t know what “the highest good, greatest joy, and highest love & light” will look like for ourselves, or for others. Fortunately, we don’t need to. We simply put in our request, and let God/Jesus/Spirit, along with our angels, guides & teachers, do the rest, trusting all is happening for the very best. 

Happy Healing to You!

Palma’s 5 Steps to Healing:

1. *Believe You are Deserving of Healing
2. *State Your Intention for Healing 
3. * Receive Healing from a Place of Love
4. *Let Go of Your Timeframe for Healing 
5. *Expect Healing Miracles of All Shapes & Sizes!

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