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Services & Bookings

Services fall into these categories:

Spiritual Intuitive Guidance:

Asking Questions & Receiving Insight

Using Guided Imagery to Move through Stuckness

Peeling Layers of Unproductive grief, anger, sadness, anxiety, pain, etc.

Connecting with your Inner Strength, Wisdom, & Peace!

Love & Light Healing Energy:

Setting a Healing Intention

Receiving Gentle, Healing Chi (Energy) 

Clearing Energy Centers & Blockages

Receiving Vibrational Healing  with Tuning Forks

Receiving Long Distance Healing  

Feeling Amazingly Better!

Spirit Readings

Asking about loved ones in Spirit

Sending Messages to those in Spirit

Deepening Connections to Loved Ones

Receiving New Understandings & Closure

Feeling Greater Appreciation for Loved Ones!

Pet Intuitive Sessions:

Asking Questions about your Beloved Animals

Receiving Insight & Guidance

Receiving Healing Energy for Pets!

Deepening Connections to your Pets!

  Hourly rate: $150     1/2 Hour: $85    15 min: $50 (phone only) Packages are available too!

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Payment via cash, check or paypal credit card payments are to be arranged before session. Thank you!

With love & light,