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Mar 23

Spirit Roots & Branches: An Intuitive Earns her Wings

Growing up a middle child in a typically dysfunctional, fairly large, Italian Catholic family in Queens, N.Y., complete with lots of yelling and name calling, I was very shy around new people, especially authority figures. By age ten, I had already attended numerous mandatory wakes and funerals and developed not only a fear of death, but …

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Jan 21

New Year Challenge–Shifting into Compassion

It’s a new year–yeah! Is there anything sweeter than the scent of newness? Remember buying new pencil cases, notebooks & shoes to begin a new grade school year? I loved that time! For me, that was the official beginning of fall. As East coast kids, we headed back to class in the crisp, early days …

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May 10

Spring Fever

I am in love. Yes, with my sweet hubby of four years, partner of eleven, (today’s our anniversary!), and with another lover. Today, I have been smitten walking through my neighborhood. Seasonal malady has stricken my heart–more specifically–my nostrils, big time. I’m in love with honeysuckle. I’m in love with spring. We strolled arm in …

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Oct 12

Cats, Grief & Being in the Moment

Grieving is a natural occurrence–we grieve the loss of something or someone that is passing or has already passed, moved on, been taken away, shifted. Often we put off grieving– ignoring it until something throws us so off kilter that it dislodges like that little silver ball at the start of pinball. A good friend …

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