Jan 21

New Year Challenge–Shifting into Compassion

It’s a new year–yeah! Is there anything sweeter than the scent of newness? Remember buying new pencil cases, notebooks & shoes to begin a new grade school year? I loved that time! For me, that was the official beginning of fall. As East coast kids, we headed back to class in the crisp, early days of September.  Each new year brought a fresh start, new potential for growth and maturity.  I’ve got something new for you to try on in 2013–how about a new perspective–how about a shift into compassion? 

Oh yes President Barack Obama did get re-elected. Let’s breathe–I know members on both sides were holding their breath–some won, some didn’t, yet here we are. Let’s move forward, please, and work together as “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Speaking of liberty and justice, it’s tricky to have both, or so it seems. It will take serious introspection to move forward on issues like gun control and mental health, not serious criticism. As the light of a shifting planet and a shifting planetary consciousness continues to shine into the dark, exposing what is needed to be revealed so it can be healed, we must really search within our hearts to hear our Truth.

Ask, “Do I want to live in a fear-based, reactive world? Do I want my children to live in a fear-based, reactive world? Do I want something better, brighter, higher in energy than living in fear?” Then listen for the answer that speaks to evolving as a people and a planet to a higher consciousness– a more loving, nurturing, caring consciousness.

Life, as we know it on the planet, as we know it for ourselves and all the diverse beings we love so much–people, animals, rocks, waters, wind, trees, birds, fish.., is indeed precious. Ice is really melting in the Arctics. We really lost twenty-eight people senselessly in December’s Connecticut massacre. We can continue to find ways to sidestep the spiritual connection we all have to Everything that ever was, is, and forever shall be, and continue to feel separate. Or we can begin to shine compassion on that which we don’t understand, note the ways we are alike, give gratitude for our differences, appreciate our similarities, and get down to the business of helping one another reach our highest potentials and evolve not separately, but side by side, top to bottom, front to back, up to down and all around into the highest and greatest expressions of love we can imagine for ourselves.

The Beatles were right. If we are all connected, then we must all be love, which means love is all there really is. Who’s with me? Let’s talk about, heal, and shed our fears. Let’s shift into compassion so we can live as expressions of love.

Namaste (The Divine in me honors and appreciates the Divine in you, and in All),

Palma Holden

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